How is Chenabura Mother Paste used?

What are the rising times?

The leavening takes place in 2 hours, if the room temperature is high, the time is reduced.

How much should I put on 1 kg of flour?

If you have to prepare bread you have to mix 100 g of yeast on 1 kg of flour, if you have to prepare a pizza, 10 to 30 g on 1 kg of flour are enough.

After I open it, when do I have to consume it?

When you open the package, you must use the yeast within 3 weeks. If you know you won’t be able to use it all, then you can reseal the bag and freeze it for future doughs.

Is the ChenaBura mother yeast ready? can you use it like this?

No, before mixing it with the flour it is advisable to prepare it in a bowl with a little warm water, so as to activate the enzymatic process.

Why does it now contain Brewer's Yeast?

The product has undergone a change to the labeling due to the new regulations. In the old package it was reported as “yeast, enzymes”, now it is no longer possible to use this wording and the label must read “10% dry brewer’s yeast”.

If you are intolerant to fresh Brewer’s Yeast, our yeast contains dry Brewer’s Yeast and this is not a problem.

If you have used it before and you have not had any allergy problems, you can continue to use it because it is the same type of product, the formulation has not changed

Is this yeast suitable for nickel allergy sufferers?

The product does not contain nickel, so it does not create problems for those who are allergic to it.