Recipes with ChenaBura

Discover the latest recipes made with Chenabura, by those who use it every day.

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Pizza with olives

A very good Olive Pizza prepared by our client Chiara. Una buonissima Pizza alle Olive preparata dalla nostra cliente Chiara.

Stuffed Neapolitan sandwiches

The Neapolitan sandwiches they are sandwiches filled with cold cuts, cheeses and, in addition, crumbled hard-boiled eggs. Excellent typical cottages

Long rising pizza with cornice

The typical pizza with a high rim, super fragrant and highly digestible. Our client Mariangela has decided to explain her

Long leavening bread crown

A very soft and fragrant Wreath of Bread to share during meals. Our client Mariella shared her recipe with us.

Danubio Pan Brioche with Chocolate

A soft and delicious new dessert, the Danube with Chocolate Heart

Mini Sandwiches with Extra Virgin Oil

  Una ricetta veloce e gustosa per un aperitivo a casa con gli amici

The Spianate Sarde

  Le Spianate Sarde sono delle Pagnottelle tipiche dell'Isola, facili da preparare e sfiziose da mangiare!

How to prepare burger sandwiches

Soft and tasty sandwiches for your American burgers. Follow our step-by-step recipe to get the classic bread with sesame seeds.