ChenaBura sourdough
ChenaBura sourdough

Are you tired of the usual yeasts?

The ChenaBura sourdough with yeast is easy to use and will make your dough rise in just 2 hours, making your dough soft, fragrant and Super digestible !! Do you prefer long leavening? No problem, you can also use it for this type of preparation.

Why choose ChenaBura Yeast?

? Suitable for all types of bread, focaccia, bread sticks, crackers, pizzas and leavened desserts.

✅ Highly digestible thanks to its natural components

? Enhances the flavor and aroma of bread, desserts or pizza

✅ It does not require Brewer’s Yeast to make your dough rise

There Mother dough with Chenabura yeast comes from the noblest part of the grain, the germ . One of the main advantages of using our active mother yeast with wheat germ is the development of special aromatic tones able to enhance the flavor and aroma of the finished product.

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